Year-End Dance Recital

One of the most exciting parts of being a dancer is performing for others. Here at Hit the Floor, every dancer on every level gets to take what they've learned in the classroom and bring it to the stage. All dancers, our little ones through adults, are encouraged to participate in the performance process. For your little dancer it promotes confidence, discipline (to memorize a routine), and is just plain fun! For older dancers, it gives them the opportunity to show their love for their art to friends and family. And let's face it - every dancer, no matter how young or old - loves to hear their efforts applauded as that curtain closes at the end of their number.

The recitals are a great experience for dancers, friends, and family. Students and Parents need to be aware that in order to have these recitals, extra rehearsals are needed. Every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum.

The reward for all of the sweat, time, effort, and dedication comes together in the recitals. The recital -especially for those not on competition teams- is the chance to share you or your dancer's love of dance with others. By following the rules for performance above we can ensure that recitals remain a source of joy, and that the only thing you and your dancer feel after each recital is the pride that comes from a job well done!


The costume fee will cover costs including fabric, seamstress fees, or costume purchase. Costume fees will not be refunded once the costume has been ordered. Costumes are the property of the student at year-end.

"Extra" pieces may be required for students, such as nude-colored bodysuits, jewellry, specific shoes and tights. This is at the cost of the parent.

Dress Rehearsal

Dancers are required to attend dress rehearsal. This is the last chance to fix any costume issues, and an opportunity to get to know the stage before the actual performance. Dress rehearsals are closed to parents.

Dress Rehearsals are closed to parents except those assisting with classes.

All shows and dress rehearsals are held at the MHC Theater.