Attendance, Lateness, and Missed Lessons:

The studio reserves the right to have students who come late to class sit out of the class. Repeated lateness may result in the termination of lessons. A minimum attendance level will be required- if a student misses more than 5 classes without notice, the studio reserves the right to terminate lessons. Competitive students who miss more then 4 classes may not participate in competitions. Students missing more then 3 classes after March may not be allowed to participate in year-end recital. No refunds are given for missed lessons. It is understood that each one-hour scheduled class will have fifty instructional minutes and ten minutes of transitional time for instructor and student.


The studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regular scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes. If the teacher is ill and the studio cannot arrange a substitute any missed classes will be made up at the convenience of the teacher.

Dance Dress Code:

Required dancewear and dance shoes must be worn at all times. Failure to wear required dancewear could result in termination of lessons. Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail or bun for all classes.

Class Viewing:

Parents must wait in the reception area while their child is in class. Students will be accompanied by their instructor in and out of the classroom. Parents are invited to view their children's lessons during our scheduled "Parent Viewing Week."

Parent's Responsibility to be Aware of Dates and Events:

It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of all studio activities, such as parent viewing days, extra classes, and the dates the studio is open or closed. The studio will post such notices on the bulletin board and on the website, as well as sending home newsletters. It is the parent's responsibilty to regularly check the bulletin board and/or website to ensure they are informed. It is the responsibilty of the parents or adult students to inform the studio of any address, telephone number or email change.

Private Classes:

If you are interested in your child recieving private instruction outside of their regular class time, please contact your child's instructor. Private instruction does not guarantee performances in competitions/festivals or that they will have the chance to perform a solo in the year-end performance.


Payment plans are available. Please let us know if you would like a plan to be set up for you. Those wishing payment plans must supply the office with post-dated cheques for the number of payments requested. Cheques can be dated for the 1st or the 15th of the month, unless otherwise arranged at the front desk.

Refund Policy:

No refunds will be processed without the required drop form. These will be available at the front desk.
No refunds are given for registration fees, attended lessons, missed lessons, or costumes that have been ordered.
No refunds on competition fees.
Withdrawals prior to September 30th, 2015 will be given 100% refund on remaining lessons.
Withdrawals prior to December 31, 2015 will be given 50% refund on remaining lessons.
Withdrawals after December 31, 2015 will not receive a refund.

Simply not showing up does not constitute a proper withdrawal and all fees associated with the account must be paid.

Refunds are based on the date that the Drop forms are received and dated by the front desk.

Hit the Floor accepts Cash or Cheques only.

$30.00 NSF Charge

Please remember that you will not be receiving a monthly statement from our office

Please Note: We do not have a monthly fee. Our prices are for the whole year.

General Studio Rules:

No gum allowed.
Water only in the dance studio.
No food in the dance studio.
No street shoes should be worn in the studio.
Please use washroom prior to class.
Students should arrive for class 10 minutes before the scheduled time and should be picked up immediately after class is over.
Please remain in the reception area until your class is called.
No bulky jewellry (bracelets, necklaces, large earrings) should be worn to class.
Profanity is NOT permitted.
Cellphones should be shut off before entering the classroom.