Competition Information

Dance competitions and conventions have become a major force in the dance world. We, at Hit the Floor, feel that when handled correctly the pressure of competition can be a fun and exciting way for dancers to show off their talents. Team members can also be educated in dance by seeing other dancers from all around sharing their same goals and dreams.

Being a member of a team is a commitment. This commitments is not only for the dancers, but for the parents as well. The lessons learned are invaluable. Learning how to work together with others is a skill that will always be used, in and out of the dance school.

We at Hit the Floor hold true our value in choreography and costuming. We try hard to set the appropriate standards for our dancers to be proud of.

In conclusion, we encourage all team members to work hard and be the best they can be, on and off stage. We strive to make competitions a good experience for everyone, no matter what trophies are brought home. Our goal is to enrich the minds, bodies and souls of our students and to teach them the skills necessary for a successful life.